Seagate Streamlines its Barracuda Family

Seagate Streamlines its Barracuda Family

Seagate is streamlining its flagship family of desktop drives under a single product to help fulfill the explosive growth in content creation and consumption by businesses and consumers worldwide.

As the demand for desktop PC performance surges, higher hard drive performance would mean a faster computer and quicker access to content. The new Barracuda family will aid consumers to find the product they need easily, while reducing costs for Seagate's original equipment manufacturer and distribution channel customers.

Designed for desktop, tower, or all-in-one personal computers, workstations, home and small business servers, NAS devices, direct-attached storage expansion, and home and small business RAID solutions, the new Barracuda hard drive range offer capacities from 250GB to 3TB.

For DIY consumers and system builders, this would mean the existing Barracuda XT and Barracuda Green series products will merge within a new Barracuda line-up in the near future.

Source: Seagate

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