Savant Details ROSIE iPad App

Savant Details ROSIE iPad App

Fancy controlling your AV system or even your home lighting equipment with Apple's upcoming iPad? Well, that seems like a plausible reality in the realm of wireless home automation. Savant already has the ROSIE Mobile for the iPhone and iPod in the bag. Now, they're looking to bring a similar, albeit improved version to the iPad as well. On another note, authorized Savant dealers are able to resell iPads after procuring them from Savant. 

CE PRO - Savant already told us Apple's iPad will redefine home automation. Soon, we'll know how. The home automation manufacturer plans to go public with its ROSIE iPad app on April 5. The ROSIE iPad app will cost $9.99 at the App Store. Check back next week for photos. President Jim Carroll previously told CE Pro that Savant was designing a version of its ROSIE iPhone app specifically for the iPad. "We're going to do some pretty cool things and take advantage of the additional [9.7-inch screen] real estate," he said. 

The ROSIE iPad app will be available for $9.99 at Apple’s App Store. Read more about it here

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