SANYO Announces World's First Waterproof Full HD3 Dual Camera

SANYO Announces World’s First1 Waterproof Full HD3 Dual Camera

Singapore  – SANYO Asia Pte Ltd. (SANYO) is pleased to announce the release of the world’s first waterproof Full HD Dual Camera that can be used underwater. The VPC-CA100 is launched from July 2010.


Capturing pictures and videos has never been easier with SANYO’s latest Xacti VPC-CA100 waterproof all-weather dual camera. More than just a regular camcorder, the new VPC-CA100 features underwater capability that allows users to capture stunning underwater footage of up to a depth of three metres.


It is ideal for those with active outdoor lifestyles, capturing Full HD high-resolution 14 megapixels photos and 1920 x 1080/60i full HD videos that are formatted compatibly with the latest Windows 7 Operating System. Packaged in a slim, lightweight body that is easy to bring around, the VPC-CA100 allows users to take photos and videos anywhere and anytime. This is part of SANYO’s efforts to offer new ways for consumers all over the world to enjoy their images.

The VPC-CA100 is equipped with an advanced digital image stabiliser providing optimal corrections for unintentional camera shake and a colour chaser function that targets moving objects you want to film. Together, these functions ensure high quality movies and images are captured every time, without the need for a professional or steady hand. In addition, the high speed sequential shooting mode that takes up to 22 photos with a shutter speed of 7 frames per second at two megapixels allows users to snap confidently in situations where photo opportunities can easily be missed.

Designed for greater convenience, the VPC-CA100 comprises of photo and video capture buttons that are located separately. Images and videos can then be captured just by using the thumb to press the buttons without having to switch between modes. The control buttons are also larger in design, offering better grip and control while operating the camera in tricky situations such as for underwater shooting or during sports.


Boasting an impressive 12x Double Range Zoom4 for recording, the camera enables consumers to choose from a wider range of video capture by easily switching between different zoom ranges at the touch of a button. Additionally, the 5x Optical Zoom for photos allows the camera to zoom in on distant objects easily.


The new VPC-CA100 features a convenient and easy solution for capturing and uploading images and videos onto the web. Eye-Fi compatibility enables automatic wireless upload of images and videos to a computer. The camera also records videos and pictures in formats that are optimised for instant sharing on social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook, making it a breeze to share your pictures and videos with your loved ones.


The SANYO VPC-CA100 comes in four exciting colours to suit every lifestyle – Vibrant Yellow, Bright Pink, Sophisticated Black and Aqua Blue. It features an incredibly compact and sturdy body that is the perfect companion for your next trip out on a holiday or to the great outdoors.


The new VPC-CA100 is distributed by Emjay Enterprise (1984) Pte Ltd and is now available at all SANYO authorised dealers at the Recommended Retail Price of S$1,199.00 each including 7% GST.

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