Samsung's Windows Phone 7 Device Actually a Retooled Omnia HD

Samsung's Windows Phone 7 Device Actually a Retooled Omnia HD

Well, this is a new twist. We were all surprised and excited that there was a demonstration of Windows Phone 7 on a Samsung device at the Microsoft MIX10 developer conference. Imagine our surprise when news of the device being a Samsung Omnia HD loaded with Windows Phone 7 was thrown out there.

Engadget - We couldn't shake the feeling that the mysterious Samsung-branded Windows Phone 7 Series device being passed around at MIX10 this week was just a warmed-over i8910 HD, and it turns out there's a very good reason for that: Samsung says it is a warmed-over i8910 HD. Even crazier, TechRadar writes that its contact at Samsung basically pegged the stunt entirely on Microsoft, simply saying "they used the i8910 HD to demo Windows 7" and that "this demo was a one-off."

Given Microsoft's stance on hardware specifications, we highly doubt that the Omnia HD will be slated for a Windows Phone 7 upgrade. Even the much-touted possible upgrade for the HTC HD2, which by far fulfills almost all the requirements except for its physical buttons, has just been struck off the Windows Phone 7 list. So for now, the only two confirmed phones will be from LG and ASUS. Check out the full story here.


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