Samsung's OLED HDTV Will Cost You US$9000

Samsung's OLED HDTV Will Cost You US$9000

The OLED war is heating up with Samsung's latest show-and-tell. The South Korean firm has confirmed they'll be releasing their 55-inch OLED television in the second half of the year. And the ultra-thin display is said to retail at just over US$9,000, or approximately S$11,255 on local terms. Current LED-backlit LCD displays cost about a third or less for the same screen estate. 

LG, one of Samsung's closest rivals, will be flaunting their OLED screens at the upcoming Cannes film festival next week with an alleged retail price of US$8,000. Similar to Samsung, LG's OLED offerings will only arrive here in the latter part of the year.

Unlike conventional LCD panels, pixels on OLED displays are individually lit which gives them an edge in terms of black depths, color fidelity, and contrast levels. Display makers are also able to engineer thinner screens since OLED panels do not require an external light source. According to Mashable's report, Samsung's OLED TV is set to debut in South Korea before trickling down to the rest of the world thereafter. 

Source: Mashable

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