Samsung's Latest Lineup of Monitors Unveiled

Samsung's Latest Lineup of Monitors Unveiled

SINGAPORE - Samsung today unveiled its latest portfolio of 3D LED monitors, 3D LED HDTV Monitors and the Central Stations. Complementing smart home solutions, which incorporate Samsung’s sophisticated style, technological versatility and flexibility with proprietary 3D technology, the new lineup of monitors offer the ultimate 3D experience for gaming, entertainment and work.

The latest monitor line-up features a unique marriage of high performance and breathtaking design, which delivers the highest 3D picture quality with Samsung’s unique built-in 3D converter. The monitors promise optimised performance and enhanced imagery with PhotoAccuracy 100% technology, which enables consumers to view content with unmatched picture quality. The combination of Samsung’s 3D Active Glasses and built-in emitter further allows consumers to experience clearer and more immersive 3D images than any 3D monitors in its class.

Incorporating Samsung’s proprietary technology, Magic Angle, the new line-up of monitors complements any viewing position by adjusting and repositioning the display to create the most optimal viewing environment based on viewing and sitting angles. The wide viewing angle (170°/160°) assures undiminished brightness and color from almost any position, providing consumers with added flexibility and convenience.

3D LED Monitors: Series 9, SA950

Moving a step forward in groundbreaking product designs, the new full HD 3D LED monitor, the SA950, follows an “Object on the Desk” design concept. The unique asymmetrical frame and curvilinear form, combined with enhanced, crystal clear picture quality, provides clear textures for fast-moving games in 120Hz mode. It boasts a blazing-fast response time (2 ms) for optimal 3D gaming and movie watching experience—without ghosting or streaking effects.

Unlike conventional 3D monitors, Samsung’s latest range of SA950 LED Monitors support a variety of input standards, such as Display Port, HDMI and DVI. The multiple connection options to various 3D devices, including the PC, 3D Blu-ray disc players and 3D consoles offers users the flexibility to enjoy a wide range of 3D content. The SA950 also has a built-in 2D to 3D Convertor for consumers to enjoy their favourite 2D content in 3D.

SA950 monitor is now available in 23” and 27” at $598 and $788 respectively.

3D LED Monitors: Series 7, SA750

Perched on a solid, glossy metal-like stand, the SA750 LED monitor features an Ultra Clear Panel which produces detailed picture quality that exceeds expectations of premium monitors.

Samsung’s LED monitors are among the most environmentally-friendly products equipped with proactive technology features including the Eco Motion Sensor, which detects the user’s movement and automatically shuts off if left idle. Additionally, the Eco Light Sensor automatically optimizes the screen’s brightness while the Eco Saving feature allows users to select how much energy they would like to save through a user-friendly interface.

The SA750 is available in 23” and 27” at $598 and $748 respectively.

3D LED HDTV Monitors: Series 9, TA950

Flaunting a unique innovative design with its unexpected curves, further accentuated by its asymmetrical neckline, Samsung’s latest innovative HDTV monitor, the TA950, is a social hub for both entertainment and work. It features a built-in TV tuner, which receives 2D and 3D broadcast signals and a convenient Picture-in-Picture application together with the Smart Hub. The Internet enabled HDTV monitor captures Samsung’s Smart TV features for users to navigate YouTube and social networking services like Facebook and Twitter. They can also download a variety of Samsung Apps via a convenient on-screen widget. The displays also include AllShare and ConnectShare features - to browse the web or easily sync with other digital devices. From the latest 3D technology to enhanced connectivity, the TA950 monitor brings features and functionality together to create a comfortable and convenient viewing environment.

TA950 monitor is now available in 27” at $899.

Central Station: Series 7, CA750

The Central Station, CA750, offers powerful connectivity for the ultimate hub monitor solution including various features such as Auto Wireless Detection and embedded world’s first USB 3.0 technology to transfer data ten times faster.

The ergonomically designed dual hinge feature creates a larger and more comfortable workspace with the ability to change its height or tilt the screen with ease. It instantly transforms a small laptop screen to a 23 or 27-inch screen with LED backlight and features superior picture quality.

Designed to get the most out of multimedia devices and displays through an enhanced range of connectivity features, CA750 monitor is equipped with multiple connections such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet/LAN, RGB, and Audio, which enable users to connect all their devices through this monitor easily. Wireless detection capabilities further simplifies connectivity by automatically finding and connecting with a user’s laptop within 1.5 meters. Another key feature is its USB Hub embedded with USB 3.0 technology, transferring data ten times faster than USB 2.0 and charging two times faster than conventional electric charging.

The CA750’s wireless solution provides the fastest speed and the least power consumption among wireless technologies today. Its energy efficiency has earned both Energy Star and EPEAT Gold ratings. Additionally, the Central Station automatically powers on or off when a laptop is connected or disconnected. The system’s Eco Saving mode enables users to choose the energy consumption level, potentially saving energy by up to 50 percent.

Central Station CA750 monitor is now available in 23” and 27” at $598 and $748.

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