Samsung Unveils a Full Range of Mobile Computers

Samsung Unveils a Full Range of Mobile Computers

Samsung today announced its latest lineup of four new mobile PC series that deliver greater performance on the go. Delivering its advancements in both design and performance, Samsung has crafted these products to meet the needs of its customers’ dynamic lifestyles. Each product has been skillfully designed to deliver fresh and exciting user experiences.

With design and performance at the core focus of innovation for the new lineup of mobile computers, Samsung’s new SF and NF series of notebooks and netbooks sport stylish and revolutionary curve designs alongside enhanced performance and productivity.

The new series of mobile PCs now incorporates Samsung’s Fast Start function that allows users to start working within three seconds from Sleep Mode and selected models also feature the use of lithium-polymer batteries for extended performance and greater mobility.

QX310 Series Notebook - Ultra Premium


The QX series has been crafted from the finest materials to deliver high performance and mobility. Today’s upwardly-mobile professional will be drawn to the notebook that mirrors their passion for performance with its impressive features and uncompromising design.

At just 27mm in thickness and weighing in at 1.99kg, the QX310’s streamlined airfoil design makes the notebook as eye-catching as it is powerful. The QX310 is both stylish and reliable, having been tested to withstand even the most extreme conditions. A combination aluminum LCD back and bezel-less LCD display, coupled with side doors to hide a variety of connection ports, ensures a smooth, unbroken design profile. The lithium-polymer battery with up to 7.2 hours of battery life gives the user the freedom to perform on the go.

The 13.3-inch QX310 will be available from 20th October in silver at a recommended retail price of $1,799.

RF series notebooks - Powering Multimedia


RF series notebooks are the highest performing notebooks in Samsung’s mobile PC portfolio. The quad-core (RF510 only) performance notebooks are crafted to perform to high standards and come in two screen sizes - 14” (RF410) and 15.6” (RF510).

Multimedia enthusiasts and gamers will benefit from the RF series’ super-fast processors and dazzling graphics while the minimalist design and clean lines will appeal to even the most style conscious consumers. Samsung’s RF series notebooks come equipped with the Intel Core i5 / Core i7 processor and nVIDIA’s latest graphics solution - a GT420M card with 2GB of memory - that will make multimedia games and HD video shine.

The RF410 is available from 20th October in black at a recommended retail price of $1,899. The RF510 is available from 18th October in black at a recommended retail price of $1,999.

SF series notebooks - Design Sophistication

The ultra-portable Samsung SF310 and SF410 couple stylish, streamlined design with contoured line and rounded edges for enhanced mobile convenience.

Elegantly crafted, Samsung has taken a new approach to design, streamlining the body of the notebook to appeal to trendy and fashion-conscious users. The 13.3-inch SF310 and the 14-inch SF410 are also equipped with a hybrid graphics feature and lithium-polymer battery which prolongs the battery life for up to 7.5 hours. The perfect companion for the design-conscious user, the ultra-light SF series also boasts a refined, scratch resistant finish.

The SF310 is available from 27th October and comes in silver at a recommended retail price of $1,449. The SF410 is available from 27th October in ivory and red at recommended retail prices of $1,549 and $1,599 respectively.

NF210 Netbooks - Revolutionary Design

The NF210 sports the same revolutionary approach to design and features a streamline curved body for trendy and fashionable users. Weighing in at a mere 1.35kg and boasting a long battery life of up to 11 hours, the eye-catching NF210 delivers a true "anytime, anywhere" computing experience. The 10.1-inch netbook has several features that enhance mobility and these include the unique Samsung Fast Start function that allows users to start working within three seconds from Sleep Mode and Samsung’s AllShare™ which makes it exceptionally easy to share digital content with other DLNA Samsung devices like cameras or mobile phones without the hassle of connecting cables.

The NF210 is available from 3rd November in silver at a recommended retail price of $699.

Refreshed Models

Samsung has also refreshed its N and R series with increased specifications for additional performance. 

N150 Plus Netbook

The lightweight Samsung N150 Plus netbook weighs a mere 1.24kg and features an impressive battery life from its energy efficient LED display and Samsung’s Enhanced Battery Life solution.

Upgraded to the new Intel Atom N550 processor with 1GB DDR3 RAM, users can enjoy up to 10 hours of clear quality content with the 10.1 inch LED anti-reflective display while on the go. The N150 Plus also incorporates the new ergonomically-designed large pitch keyboard crafted to speed up typing as well as minimize typographic errors. 

The N150 Plus is available from 27th October in red, pink and black at a recommended retail price of $599.

R440e Notebook

The refreshed R440e is the latest addition to Samsung’s R440 family and now comes in silver. With a 16:9 widescreen 14" HD LED display, powered by the latest ATI Mobility Radeon HD5470 with 1GB of memory, the high-end Samsung R440e delivers stunning true-to-life visuals for an immersive multimedia experience. The R440 series also includes SRS TruSurround XT technology and WOW HD technology to further enhance the auditory senses for a more in-depth entertainment experience.

The new R440e notebook features an additional 20 per cent increase in processor performance with the latest Intel Core i5-460M processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which automatically allocates resources where they are most needed to increase the system’s speed and performance to ensure seamless entertainment experience.

The refreshed R440e is now available in silver at a recommended retail price of $1,249.

R480 Notebook

Built to satisfy users who require heavy usage and multi-tasking performance, the refreshed Samsung R480 notebook PC is now equipped with a built-in Intel Core i5-460M processor to increase efficiency by allocating processing power where it is most needed. The R480 is now equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon HD5470 graphics card with 1GB of memory for an uninterrupted graphics experience.

Bound to be a hit with the design conscious consumer who wants to make a statement, the blue Samsung R480 incorporates light swirls in its Crystal Design for a startling finish. The Crystal Design effect is extended across the R480’s touchpad for a seamless feel with four soft LED lights illuminating the outline of the touchpad.The refreshed Samsung R480 is now available in blue at a recommended retail price of $1,299.

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