Samsung Teases with Possible Video of Nexus Prime

Samsung Teases with Possible Video of Nexus Prime

It is only apt that Samsung releases its teaser video in the midst of iPhone 4S news - of which has been met with mixed reactions- and to create some buzz for its upcoming 11th October Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 event. The teaser video doesn't say much, and it is towards the end that we get a glimpse of the (possible) Nexus Prime. From what we see, the phone looks set to bowl with a uniquely curved ergonomic body (reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S II) and 3 LED notification lights in place of where the camera button usually is. What does these features entail? It's too dark (literally) in the video to tell yet, but it does look more exciting in comparison. 


Coupled with leaked screenshots of the Nexus Prime that we spotted yesterday, we now have a rough inkling of what to expect. Don't forget that the highly-anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich OS will most likely make an experience alongside the smartphone (video leak here), so mark your cals for the event.

Source: Samsung Mobile via Brief Mobile

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