Samsung to Show Super High-Resolution 10-inch LCD for Tablet Use

Samsung to Show Super High-Resolution 10-inch LCD for Tablet Use

According to Electronista, Samsung and partner Nouvoyance have said that they'd show a 10.1-inch, 2560 x 1600-resolution LCD designed for tablet use. To put things into perspective, this PenTile RGBW-based LCD packs four times as many pixels as the 1280 x 800 displays used in the early crop of Android 3 tablets.


PenTile's ability to 'share' color pixels, instead of having separate pixels in stripes, still gives it performance at least as good as a much lower-resolution LCD, the two said. The panel can put out 300cd/m2 of brightness but uses up to 40 percent less power. Outdoors, the panel can kick up to 600cd/m2. Color accuracy is also as good as better mobile screens at 72 percent of the NTSC color range; most tablet screens hit 55 percent.

Samsung anticipated making the screen available to use for shipping products before the end of 2011. Companies still usually have to integrate the hardware and might not have shipping tablets until early 2012. Any tablet shipping with the hardware may need a quad-core processor, quad-core graphics, or both to smoothly drive the extra resolution, though Qualcomm, and graphics core makers like Imagination Technologies are expected to come through at the same time.

This is sure to generate more rumors that Apple would use a 'Retina' display in their next iPad.

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