Samsung Preparing for Dual-Core 2GHz Smartphone

Samsung Preparing for Dual-Core 2GHz Smartphone

When it comes to technology, you can only expect it to grow bigger, faster and stronger. Samsung definitely follows that mantra as it prepares for 2012 with a dual-core 2GHz smartphone. As it is, the dust hasn't settled and we haven't even seen the full force of the new dual-core 1GHz smartphones, save for the LG Optimus 2X.

Engadget - Are you ready for a scorching-fast future? Samsung sure is, as today the Maeli Business Newspaper reports "a high-ranking" company official has disclosed Samsung's intention to deliver a dual-core smartphone that runs at 2GHz.

The thing about dual-core smartphones, is its battery stamina. While we do welcome the added speed and power, we have to cross our fingers and hope that these new dual-core processors won't be a power guzzler and bring the overall performance of the smartphones down.

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