Samsung Overtakes Apple as the World's Top Phone Manufacturer

Samsung Overtakes Apple as the World's Top Phone Manufacturer

The Androids versus iPhone war has been raging for a long time now, with a huge question up in the air: who will dethrone Apple? Well, Samsung has finally overtaken its long-time adversary; official figures have been revealed with Reuters reporting about promising figures on the South Korean firm's part.

Reuters - Profits from the South Korean firm's telecoms division, announced on Friday, more than doubled from a year ago to a record 2.5 trillion won ($2.2 billion) and accounted for 60 percent of Samsung's total profit, offsetting a plunge in earnings from its bread-and-butter memory chips.

Shipments of smartphones jumped 44 percent from the preceding quarter to 27.8 million units, up nearly four times from a year ago, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

With upcoming game changing products like the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Nexus against the promising sales of the iPhone 4S, the main question is: will Samsung keep its position as the top phone manufacturer for long?

Source: Reuters

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