Samsung Helps You Clean Up

Samsung Helps You Clean Up

Neat people everywhere rejoice! Samsung Electronics has released three new gadgets to help you get your clean on and get your house all neat and tidy.

The Samsung Navibot

The Samsung Navibot is a smart little vacuum cleaner robot equipped with a new Visionary Mapping SystemTM (yes, it really is trademarked) which uses a small integrated camera that takes 30 photos per second of the surroundings. Using these images, NaviBot creates a virtual map of the home, identifying obstacles around the room and plots the optimal cleaning path using the least amount of time and effort. The Navibot is now available at a recommended retail price of $799, possible future nuclear armageddon and robot wars not included.

The Samsung Airtrack Plus

If you prefer your vacuum cleaners manual not automatic, the Airtrack Plus has a two-litre dust capacity that is larger than normal, promising longer lasting usage, in case your house is a) really dusty b) really big c) both. The Airtrack Plus has a unique Twin Chamber SystemTM (yes, also really trademarked) that divides the normal dust chamber into two compartments, allowing for improved cleaning and longer lasting power. Vacuuming now available for $139.

The Samsung Virus Doctor

Okay, so this doctor can't really give you a sick day off from work or cure your cold, but it kills various airborne biological pollutants such as common cold and influenza viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens. Hello, Dirty Air Terminator! See the doctor for $299.

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