Samsung GT-I9250 Support Page Spotted

Samsung GT-I9250 Support Page Spotted

Various rumors regarding Google's Android Ice Cream Sandwich update has been circulating, but what has been pretty consistent up till now is the fact that Samsung is the most likely manufacturer for the first Android 4.0 device.  Adding on to what we've heard, a support page for the Samsung GT-I9250, which is the likely model number for the first Ice Cream Sandwich device, has been spotted.

The existence of the GT-I9250 was first reported through a Wi-Fi certification note, with a slightly dubious cease and desist letter sent to those who were in possession of the Nexus Prime firmware. At this point, the final specifications for the Nexus Prime is still under speculation. Earlier reports of a possible 720p display resolution is now in conflict with the recent appearance of the leaked user agent profile for the Samsung GT-I9250.

According to GSM Arena, a tipster has hinted that the phone will be named Samsung Galaxy Nexus rather than Nexus Prime. It will have a 4.65-inch screen of HD resolution instead of a 4.5-inch WVGA., with a curved screen similar to the Nexus S. The device sport a metal chassis and has a side profile measuring at 8.8mm thin. The tipster also provided a hint on the launch date - at the end of October, which coincides with what we've heard about the Ice Cream Sandwich launch schedule.

With so many rumors surrounding the upcoming Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the web, it's a surprise that Samsung hasn't outright declared their partnership with Google for the Nexus Prime.

Source: Samsung via GSM Arena

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