Samsung Goes All Out with Galaxy S II Ads

Samsung Goes All Out with Galaxy S II Ads

You know the Samsung Galaxy S II is coming real soon when the company is targeting consumers with a series of ads showcasing its unique features. One such ad highlights how thin the Samsung Galaxy S II is at a mere 8.49mm. And how was that demonstrated? This video shall answer that.

Android Phone Fans - With the soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S II line of phones hitting the UK as early as next week, we’ve seen a recent ad blitz from the Korean handset maker. It wasn’t too long ago I posted a video of a (not too bright) little girl dumping her GS II into a fishbowl to see if her phone could swim because the SAMOLED Plus screen was that vivid. Today, Samsung’s YouTube channel has added a few more videos of their incredibly thin flagship phone.

This is only the first of many new ads that have surfaced, mostly showing life before and after the Samsung Galaxy S II. One other ad that was shown is of a little girl tossing the Samsung Galaxy S II into a fish bowl, just because the Super AMOLED Plus is too realistic in showing a clown fish. And no, the Samsung Galaxy S II isn't water proof, which was promptly highlighted by Samsung within the video.

To see more ads of the Samsung Galaxy S II, click here.

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