Samsung Galaxy S III with 4.65-inch Screen Now Being Tested?

Samsung Galaxy S III with 4.65-inch Screen Now Being Tested?

Cyberspace is buzzing again with the latest reports about the mythical Samsung Galaxy S III. South Korea-based site DDaily is now claiming that the Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone will pack a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels.

The report also revealed that Samsung has started producing display panels for the Galaxy S III. Instead of relying on the traditional PenTile matrix approach, Samsung is employing a new display technology.

Samsung’s PenTile matrix scheme was used on the screens of the Galaxy S i9000, Wave S8500, and the Galaxy Nexus. This manufacturing decision marks the Galaxy S III as the first Samsung smartphone that uses a non-PenTile OLED screen with HD resolution. With a pixel density of 316ppi, the Galaxy S III’s screen comes close to the ~330ppi Retina display of the Apple iPhone 4S.

Another report originating from the site AsiaE, also a South Korean site, states that the network interoperability testing for the Galaxy S III has started. Samsung has instructed the carriers to expedite the test which normally takes about two months. However, because the Galaxy S III supposedly comes with a 4G LTE radio and a quad-core processor, the procedure might take more time. Considering the test’s two-month timeframe, it's highly likely that the Galaxy S III will hit Korean shelves sometime in June.

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