Samsung Exec Let Slips Galaxy S III Namesake

Samsung Exec Let Slips Galaxy S III Namesake

Nothing groundbreaking or whatsoever, but while Samsung has been pretty mum about the name of the "next Galaxy", senior VP Robert Yi has let the cat out of the bag in an accidental (or orchestrated?) move during the end of its Q1 2012 earnings call today. Yep, according to Robert Yi's exclamation, "We are anticipating very strong demand of Galaxy S III", the next Galaxy will indeed be called the Galaxy S III.

The Verge - "Earlier on the call, an exec said that Samsung expects the phone to be the company's "most successful smartphone ever," and the device came up a number of other times during the presentation and subsequent Q&A session, but only this once was the actual name of the handset uttered by a Samsung exec — in this case in response to a question about marketing plans for the smartphone compared to the Galaxy Note. Yi said that a global launch might be a possibility for the Galaxy S III, in case you're wondering."

Source: Samsung via The Verge


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