Samsung Consumers Define Their Needs at IFA 2011

Samsung Consumers Define Their Needs at IFA 2011

BERLIN, Germany - With the voices of its consumers as its guide, Samsung Electronics today at its IFA 2011 press conference explored how its unique product portfolio fulfills the needs of consumers who wish to be a part of “a Smarter Life, a Smarter World,” where consumer electronics provide purpose and meaning to each user. Samsung’s product lineup, including new updates to its visual display, mobile and digital imaging solutions, will be displayed September 2-7 in Hall 20 at Messe Berlin.

Welcome to a Smarter life, a Smarter World

Before hundreds of IFA 2011 attendees, Boo-Keun Yoon, president of Samsung Electronics’ visual display business, welcomed the crowd following the first of a series of video vignettes entitled “A Smarter Life: A Smarter World” in which Samsung consumers detailed what they need and want from various products. Each product segment was preceded by a similar vignette.

Reinforcing the company’s leadership across its many product categories during today’s event, Yoon highlighted Samsung’s entrance into a new era of TV design and its growing product lineups in the digital imaging, IT solutions and mobile categories, including an exciting new mobile chat service that reflects Samsung’s platform agnostic approach.

Yoon also detailed Samsung’s re-branded CSR platform, Hope for Children. In Europe, the Hope for Youth initiative is based on the idea of innovation to support the development of disadvantaged children. Samsung plans to support the initiative with a combination of technology education and apprenticeship programs.

A New Era in TV

Following President Yoon’s opening remarks, Michael Zoeller, Samsung’s European marketing director for television and audio visual products, explained the company’s entrance into a new era in its design history—One Design, which is an approach to blend design and technology into a product that signifies “oneness” and sense of unity.

Zoeller showcased the One Design concept through an array of announcements, including the introduction of the new, virtually edgeless 60-inch D8000, which features an ultra-narrow bezel. New content partnerships were also unveiled at today’s event, which included new apps from prominent partners including Real Madrid and Berliner Philharmoniker.

As the No.1 TV manufacturer in Europe, Samsung’s unrivaled leadership was also noted. Receiving over 350 awards across nine major European countries in 2011 alone, Samsung Smart TVs occupy the No. 1 position in product reviews among 10 European consumer magazines—including the top eight spots from Netherland‘s consumer publication Consumentenbond. Further demonstrating Samsung’s unmatched achievements, the company was recognized as the “Best Consumer Buy for Televisions” from the European Image and Audio Association, EISA.

Zoeller went on to also unveil how Samsung is expanding its Smart Blu-ray Players and Home Theater System offerings to provide consumers with a broader range of products to start living the “Smarter Life.” The CRT TV upgrade gives Samsung’s Smart Blu-ray and Home Theater products the capability to connect to television sets—no matter the age, allowing consumers to take their older televisions to the next, connected level. This CRT TV upgrade underscores Samsung’s commitment to providing consumers with a greater level of access to both rich content and experiences.

Flagship Products - NX200 & MV800

Samsung’s 2011 flagship NX200 camera also launched at today’s event. The NX200 is the premier compact system that possesses a 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, which is more than any other product offered in the market.

Professional quality is ensured with the camera’s premium features like the i-Function lens, which lets users control exposure values such as shutter speed and aperture into the lens. The NX200 takes this one step further with i-Function 2.0. By adding intelli-zoom functions and Smart Filters to the i-Function controls in Lens Priority Mode, users have more control at their fingertips than ever before. Users can also benefit from a range of nine different lenses available for the i-Function system. Similarly helpful is Smart Panel, which possesses intuitive features such as Hot Key, enabling users to jump easily to key functions without the need to scroll through confusing menus to get to their desired shot. The NX200 makes taking perfect pictures simple and fuss-free, even for first-time users, by aggregating all settings and options onto a single LCD display.

Such creativity fostered the development of the Samsung MultiView MV800. Also launched at today’s event, the Samsung MultiView MV800 comes equipped with a 3-inch-Wide Flip-Out Touch Screen Display, a unique new feature that allows today’s increasingly ambitious camera user to frame the perfect shot from any angle, both high and low, as well as self shot, without having to contort themselves.

Factoring into the camera is a 16.1 megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom lens for close-up captures, and a 26mm wide angle lens for capturing larger gatherings in high definition. Additional features include the Smart Touch 3.0 user interface, with both standard and customizable Wallpaper backgrounds, enabling customers to drag and scroll through menu options and launch the required feature with only one touch. Also included are the Picture-in-Picture function, Live Panorama, Smart Filter, 3D Photo and Magic Frame for added creativity and enjoyment.

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