Samsung Apps Unveils Social Media Efforts

Samsung Apps Unveils Social Media Efforts

SEOUL, Korea (Oct. 4, 2010) — In an effort to connect on a personal level with its customers and create a channel for user feedback, Samsung Apps has launched a social media platform consisting of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

The mobile & TV application store for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Samsung Apps completed its three-pronged social media approach for smartphones by most recently rolling out its Twitter page. Its latest social media efforts allow Samsung Apps the opportunity to communicate instantly and personally with its core audience, while at the same time gain valuable insight into what its customers really want from the service.

In the coming months, Samsung Apps will choose different communication and promotional options based on each channel’s unique characteristics, and plans to offer the most recent and useful news in order to connect with users and create customer interaction. Its Facebook site will convey news regarding Samsung Apps and provide not only updates about applications and their developers, but also polls and promotions that will encourage direct customer participation. The YouTube channel will have tutorial videos and regular updates from developers introducing specific applications, and its Twitter feed will be used for quick, bite-sized news updates and for ongoing communication purposes with Samsung Apps fans.

In order to make better use of SNS, starting in mid-September Samsung Apps has installed social plug-in functions on its main Web page and on each individual application page.

“We’re really making an effort to connect with our customers,” said Kanghyun Kwon, vice president, Media Solutions Center, Samsung Electronics. “Social media, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, creates a two-way communication outlet for Samsung Apps to speak and listen to our users, and find out what types of apps make them tick, ultimately enabling us to provide better products and service.”

Samsung Apps’ Facebook page, since its inception in May, has been consistently growing, having reached more than 13,000 fans within the first four months. Through a wide range of promotions and as it spreads to various European countries, Samsung Apps expects these numbers to grow at a similarly rapid pace to its online store, which was created in September 2009 and has more than 13 times the number of applications offered in less than a year.

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