Samsung Announces the Launch of Exynos 4212

Samsung Announces the Launch of Exynos 4212

Samsung has revealed a new duo-core mobile processor: the Exynos 4212. It has two ARM Cortex-A9 cores and is the successor to the Exynos 4120 which is found in the Galaxy S II mobile phones.

This latest iteration has a 25% increase in processing power and features an enhanced graphics processing unit (GPU) that is capable of delivering 50% higher 3D graphics performance over the Exynos 4120. Besides these enhancements, the Exynos 4212 has a smaller die as it is manufactured using Samsung's 32nm fabrication process.

As a result, it runs on 30% less power than the Exynos 4120. According to Samsung's specifications, the chip has codec accelerators that support digital still images, the ability to record and playback 1080p videos, as well as an image signal processor and HDMI 1.4 support.

There is no word on when this new SoC (system on a chip) will hit the consumer market. As a note of interest, Samsung has announced the two new LTE handsets, the Galaxy S II LTE and Galaxy S II HD LTE, for the Korean market last week. Perhaps the two LTE phones will feature the Exynos 4212? Do watch this space for more updates on this announcement.

For the official press release from Samsung, please click here.

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