Samsung and LG Maintain Lead in Global Flat-Screen TV Revenue

Samsung and LG Maintain Lead in Global Flat-Screen TV Revenue

We figured it won't be long before the Koreans dominated the HDTV landscape. Given their recent success, the real question now is how long can they sustain this lead over their Japanese and global competitors. According to research data unveiled by California-based market research firm, DisplaySearch, both Samsung and LG Electronics have continued to maintain their lead in the flat-screen TVs market by coming in first and second respectively. Their standings are based on market share by revenue for worldwide flat-screen TV shipments. 

With an increased revenue share from 22.2% to 22.6%, Samsung not only sustained its lead in terms of revenue share, but also overtook Vizio on a unit share basis. On the whole, Samsung was named as the number one TV brand in revenue terms in most regions, except for Japan and China where local brands remained as local favorites.

LG Electronics retained its position as the number two brand globally, by securing 14.4% of flat-panel TV revenue share in all. LG's performance stays largely unchanged from the last quarter. Just behind LG is Sony, who came in third after posting a slight gain in revenue share from 11.4% to 11.7%.

Source: HDTVtest

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