Safeguard or Wipe BlackBerry Devices with BlackBerry Protect

Safeguard or Wipe BlackBerry Devices with BlackBerry Protectv

Never, ever leave your device unattended. Especially if you have confidential data into your BlackBerry phone. To give its users peace of mind, Research in Motion is throwing a bone in their direction with a new app known as BlackBerry Protect. As its name suggests, it protects the data within your BlackBerry device, locking the phone or remotely wiping it should it be misplaced.

Engadget - ...RIM's new BlackBerry Protect software comes into play, combining a host of services into one product; on top of being able to remotely message, lock, and wipe a misplaced phone, you can locate it on a map and take regularly-scheduled wireless backups that make replacing the handset (if it comes to that) as painless as possible."

Of course, the best way to secure your data, is to keep a vigilant eye on your BlackBerry device and never let it out of your sight. Still, if you do misplace it quite often, you might want to check out how to get into the invite-only beta, check out the full details here.

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