Rumours of New Macs That Are "Absolutely Different"

Rumours of New Macs That Are "Absolutely Different"

Apple news haven't been real exciting lately, what with the litigations and the patent trolling news dominating the tech scene. But this morning we came across something much more interesting that deviates from the usual boring patent stuff.

According to Boy Genius Report (BGR), who quoted Japanese Apple enthusiast blog, who received news from an anonymous source (Asian supplier company) that Apple may be drastically revamping its Mac line-up.

Details however, were scarce. We can only be sure that it won't involve the (very well-received) MacBook Air, and Mac Minis which launched just recently.

BGR also speculated that it could involve a completely new industrial design and upgraded internal hardware.

If we know Apple like we think we do, this rumored new industrial design could very well take over the entire line of Macs.

If you ask us, this change couldn't come soon enough. We have been living with Apple's current industrial design for a couple of years now.

While its pretty good, we know that Apple is capable of coming up with something that will surprise and dazzle us. Or not, now that Steve Jobs is on long term medical leave.

Well like BGR said, it's only a rumour, but an exciting one.

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