Rumored Release Schedule for Windows 8

Rumored Release Schedule for Windows 8

If the Internet is to be believed, the Release Candidate for Windows 8 should be out come late May or early June 2012. The move will be significant as it marks the first post-beta version of the new operating system from Microsoft. It is also speculated that the finished product will be made available for retail in October of this year.

The public beta has been going strong for a while and hopefully Microsoft has been paying close attention to the feedback it has generated. Windows 8 is an ambitious step from the tech giants as they attempt to bring homogeneity to desktop and mobile platforms.

How much the Release Candidate differs from the Public Beta will also reveal how many of the new features sank or swam. Anyone willing to bet on whether the Start button would make a comeback?

Source: WinUnleaked and Bloomberg via Arstechnica

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