Rootkit Malware Found On Android Apps

Rootkit Malware Found On Android Apps

Many have the impression that an antivirus software is redundant on a smartphone. However, a recent report published by Guardian News revealed that a malicious rootkit malware, dubbed as DroidDream, have already infected more than 50 apps on the widely popular Android Market.

According to the Android Police, the threat is real, and has been referred to as "the mother of all Android malware" by the unofficial Android news site. Understandably, DroidDream is capable of leeching sensitive personal data such as the phone's IMEI and IMSI numbers by propagating them to remote servers. - More than 50 applications on Google's Android Market have been discovered to be infected with malware called "DroidDream" which can compromise personal data by taking over the user's device, and have been "suspended" from the store.

Google has since removed the unsavory apps from their app store after being alerted, but it is unclear if the tainted apps were removed from users' phones. Hit this link for more info on DroidDream and a full listing of infected apps. 

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