RIM Responds to Apple's Taunting

RIM Responds to Apple's Taunting

Apple, or to be more precise, Steve Jobs, has always been forceful in its statements, leaving no quarter for its competition. During its recent quarterly earning calls, Jobs called out at RIM, highlighting Apple's higher shipment figures and putting down the 7-inch tablet form factor as a size that's not optimized for applications to offer the true tablet experience. RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie responded accordingly, bringing to attention that RIM's quarter reports ended in August while Apple finished its quarter in September, giving it a lead during the popular fall period.

Ars Technica - Apple CEO Steve Jobs used the company's quarterly earnings call to troll the competition, espousing his gripes about platform fragmentation, 7" screen sizes, and leaving customers to do "systems integration." While Google VP of engineering Andy Rubin answered Jobs' rant with a funny tweet, RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie responded more forcefully.

Of course, no one can resist swiping at Apple with Adobe Flash, and Balsillie made it clear that Flash is crucial to the development of the mobile web experience. You can read more about what Balsillie have to say about Apple and its distortion reality field over here.

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