RIM Claims PlayBook Has Equal or Greater Battery Life than iPad

RIM Claims PlayBook Has Equal or Greater Battery Life than iPad

Who hasn't heard of RIM's PlayBook? The BlackBerry makers have unveiled a non-Android, non-iOS tablet late last year, and till now, it's only made a few appearances at major trade shows. While actual performance comparisons haven't been done against Apple's iPad, RIM did come out to say that the PlayBook will have an equal or greater battery life than the iPad, even with its smaller battery cell size.

Engadget - Hey, can everyone please stop talking about the iPad? RIM's been skirting around Apple's tablet, saying only that its upcoming PlayBook slate would have "comparable" battery life, but now it's dropped all pretense and called the iPad out by name. Specifically, the Canadian company's senior business marketing VP Jeff McDowell has promised that the PlayBook will offer "equal or greater" battery endurance to Apple's device, while using a smaller cell size.

There are some other factors to consider. Rumors of Apple and its next iPad update could see an improvement along the battery life, which will debunk RIM's claim for its PlayBook. But without the PlayBook to test or a confirmed news of Apple's iPad 2, it's all speculation. In the meantime, just take the story with a pinch of salt, and we'll see if RIM holds true to its claim.

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