Revealed: AMD Radeon HD 7970 - The New King of Graphics?

Revealed: AMD Radeon HD 7970 - The New King of Graphics?

Details of the new discrete graphics card from AMD have been revealed. The AMD Radeon HD 7970 is a single-slot card, differing from the AMD Radeon HD 6900 and Radeon HD 6800 series of graphics cards designed as a dual-slot card for the additional PEG slot due to the juxtaposition of their DVI ports.

With regards to the connectivity ports of the Radeon HD 7970, it sports one DVI port, one HDMI port and two mini-DisplayPort connectors which are arranged in the confines of a single expansion slot.

The leaked slides also revealed that the new graphics card has less stream processors than the current Radeon HD 6990. It has 2,048 stream processors as compared to the Radeon HD 6990's 3,072 stream processing units. It has 3GB of GDDR5 memory and its DDR memory bus features a 384-bit interface. Its highlighted specifications are all lower when compared to the Radeon HD 6990 but higher than those of the Radeon HD 6870.


The most significant feature that sets the Radeon HD 7970 apart from its peers is its single 4.3 billion transistor Tahiti GPU which is manufactured on the new 28nm fabrication process. It has a core clock speed of over 900MHz, approximately rated at 925MHz. Overclocking it to 1GHz  is highly possible using its reference cooler.

This new graphics card is expected to hit retail shelves next week on 22 December. News of its official launch was uncovered in mid October this year.

Source: DonanimHaber, techPowerUp

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