Researchers Lessen the Load of 3G

Researchers Lessen the Load of 3G

Wireless technology has been one of the driving factors of technological innovation and will continue to be so. The ease of use and convenience offered by 3G can easily be claimed to be one of the main reasons for the popularity of smart devices.

However, without the proper infrastructure, services such as 3G are sketchy at best. Researchers from Finland's Aalto University, funded by Tekes which is the FInnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, were working on how to improve wireless networks in African developing countries and have developed a solution.

Using network-based proxies to offload a majority of data downloading and processing, the researchers were able to increase the reach of the 3G network. The best part is that the proxies do not need to be part of the cellular network and can be run in the cloud, greatly lessening the infrastructure costs. The new setup can be employed anywhere to boost performance.

One by-product of this technology is that it is also able to cut power consumption of smartphones' 3G usage by 74 percent. The days of turning off your 3G connection to conserve battery life might be over if this research is adopted on a wider scale.

Source: Africomm 2011 (via Arstechnica)


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