The Real Reason HP's CEO was asked to Leave?

The Real Reason HP's CEO was asked to Leave?

HP's CEO Mark Hurd resigned because of a sexual harassment scandal and fudged expense reports. Or did he?

The New York Times contends there that's a larger story to why Hurd was asked to leave:

Then there were the company’s employees. The consensus in Silicon Valley is that Mr. Hurd was despised at H.P., not just by the rank and file, but even by H.P.’s top executives. (Perhaps this explains why Ms. Lesjak was so quick to denigrate him once she took over.) “He was a cost-cutter who indulged himself,” was one description I heard. His combined compensation for just his last two years was more than $72 million — a number that absolutely outraged employees since their jobs were the ones being cut.

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