RAIDON Technology Releases New Internal 2 Bay 3.5" RAID Storage Module

RAIDON Technology Releases New Internal 2-bay 3.5-inch RAID Storage Module

RAIDON Technology is proud to announce the release of the iR2620. The iR2620 is an internal 2 bay 3.5” RAID storage module offering RAID 0 and RAID 1 functions, with an integrated RS232 port for connection to industrial controls and IPC facilities.

The iR2620 integrated with the RAIDON self-developed RAID chip, gives stable RAID 1 real-time backup to help maintain continuous operation of the system. The iR2620 brings simplified management via the front panel LCD display, which provides an easy initial configuration and the convenience of status monitoring. The iR2620 is made available for data integration through the embedded RS232 port to facilitate with the management demands of industrial control systems. System status is provided via e-mail notification from the RAIDGuide software to instantly report any malfunction which may occur.

The iR2620 is designed to fit into 2 of the 5.25” CD-ROM bays with swappable trays and can be easily installed into any general IPC case. This RAID storage module also supports hot-swap and auto-rebuilding functions which conveniently reduced the hassles from maintenance. The iR2620 is an ideal data RAID storage module for the industrial control markets.

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