Raidon Releases Two New Internal Storage Devices

Raidon Releases Two New Internal Storage Devices

RAIDON HyBrid RunneR the Most Outstanding Performance!

Excellent Combination of SSD & HDD



RAIDON released two of new generations from HyBrid RunneR internal storage devices iH1010 & iH2420, which utilizes the benefits from the well-known speed performance of SSD and large capacity of HDD to offer the best solutions for power user!

Twice faster than HDD, Solid State Drives has quickly becoming an optimum alternative for the replacement of hard disk drives. Utilizing the SSD technology to enables faster speed from system boots up and starting programs even during computing, thus increases one’s workflow efficiency. However, a concern to SSD will be the issues regarding MLC (multi level cell) SSD life spans to the loss of data when a failure occurs.

HyBrid RunneR developed from RAIDON RAID technology to create an excellent combination of SSD and HDD. It utilizes the performance of SDD instead of HDD to provide an optimum data access rate, and also obtaining the capacity of HDD for instant backup or backup scheduling to secure the valuable data from the possibilities of SSD failures, furthermore, the remaining capacity of HDD from the SSD backup sector will also be partitioned into an individual volume to provide an additional storage space. HyBrid RunneR efficiently gives the benefits from the speed performance of SSD and cost-effectively uses the capacity of HDD for data backup and data storage without any possible wastes. (Please refer to chart 1, 2)

SSD can be individually taken out as a portable storage on field or to another HyBrid RunneR as a primary operation drive among workstations. Upon return, insert the SSD back into the HyBrid RunneR and the auto-rebuilding function will automatically recover the original saved data. If in the event that SSD is damaged, simply replace with a new SSD the HyBrid RunneR will also be able to recover the original data to the newly replaced SSD. (Please refer to chart 3, 4)

The benefits of the HybridRunneR :

  1. SSD high-speed data access.
  2. Fully utilizes the capacity from HDD without waste.
  3. Real-time backup or backup scheduling for SSD data protection.
  4. Simple and effective data recovery from HDD.

HyBrid RunneR both equipped with SATA interface, iH2420 is in 3.5” form factor which possesses one of 2.5” SSD and one of 2.5” HDD, it is available in July, 2010; iH1010 fits in a 5.25” CD-ROM bay and accommodates one of 2.5” SSD and one of 3.5” HDD which will be available in Q3, 2010.

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