RAIDON Launches its SafeTANK SL3650

RAIDON Launches its SafeTANK SL3650

RAIDON releases the all new and latest NAS solution, the SafeTANK SL3650-LB2 in Q3 2011, after outstanding achievements from the DAS and iSCSI series. It comes with the easiest setup and data security providing the best Network Attached Storage option to SOHO groups.

SL3650-LB2 equips Gigabit LAN port and supports RAID 0/1, offering alternatives from larger capacity and data security via high speed LAN. While operating in RAID1 mode gives users an instant backup as HDD to HDD data replication during access, helps to prevent data loss caused by unexpectedly HDD failures, and operating in RAID0 mode which gives the exact individual capacity corresponding to each installed HDD for a larger capacity option. SL3650 also supports a quick share to the USB 2.0 expansion port, thus files can be instantly shared across the network upon connection to save time and cost for the users.

SL3650 can be easily setup as a file server to provide sharing of data and music files, there are only three simple steps as search, login and configure RAID mode to complete configurations and setup SL3650 to the present network. It supports the file format of iTunes and allows media consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) to directly execute the audio/video files via the network from enabling UPnP media server function. SL3650 also supports BitTorrent download function that system will automatically finish the download from the uploaded seeds for BitTorrent download and to be instantly shared upon.

SL3650 delivers elegant and unique design from quality aluminium casing, and available with fan control function which is manually adjustable for desired fan speed to keep the best performance from a long-term operation, or for the acoustic comfort purposes.

RAIDON NAS SL3650-LB2 is the great companion to network data accessing and sharing for small-medium office or SOHO groups, users can easily and instantly accesses or shares the favourite music, photo and data among colleagues or friends through SL3650-LB2, which is definitely an ideal alternative to users from the NAS solutions.

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