RAIDON Launches the HyBrid Drive Runner Series

RAIDON Launches the HyBrid Drive Runner Series

RAIDON will be announcing its latest HyBrid Drive, Runner series, which uses SSD as an accessing cache to efficiently accelerate the performance of HDDs.

Using cache of SSD to improve HDD, the Runner series may accelerate each inserted HDD and operate in various OS without a specific hardware environment of software installation/configuration. Additionally, the Runner series only need one SSD to accelerate multiple HDDs, so each one could be replaced to deliver an optimal performance.

RAIDON Runner series will release four internal/external HyBrid storage solutions, R2420-B3, R2420-B3H, iH2420-S2 and iH1010-S2. RAIDON R2420-B3H, the all new super speed USB3.0 external storage solution comes with simple tray ejection design and accommodates both 2.5” SSD and HDD, which provides consumers convenient data sharing and rapid operation.

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