RAIDON Launches 8 Bay SAS 6G RAID Storage Solutions

RAIDON Launches 8 Bay SAS 6G RAID Storage Solutions

RAIDON is releasing the new generation of SAS 6G storage solutions, the 2880 Series. This series can be easily deployed while offering stability at highest performances beyond 700MB/s to the SMB.

The 2880 Series supports 8 to 15mm 2.5-inch HDDs and is embedded with a dual SAS 6G host interface, delivering transfer rates of over 700MB/s. It provides multiple RAID levels up to RAID 6, for the highest level of redundancy, and also offers a snapshot function for system configuration backup. If a failure occurs the system can be easily recovered providing additional data security.

The 2880 Series comes in two models, the iR2880 for internal and the GR2880 for external use, both models are equipped with the RAIDON SAS 6G module from Intel 80341 CPU and 1GB of DDR2 RAM with LCD system status display. Both products also provide a web GUI for system configuration and monitoring via LAN or RS232. The GR2880 has a backplane design which allows the unit to be very compact, the smallest in fact on the market. The 2880 Series are available now.


  • Dual SAS 6.0G Host Interface
  • Supports multiple RAID levels up to RAID 6
  • Supports Snapshot Function
  • Offers Web-based GUI
  • Real-time LCD System Status Display
  • The smallest Backplane Solution (GR2880)
  • Hot-swappable Tray Module
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

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