RAIDON iS1010 Mobile Rack - 2.5-inch HDD & 3.5-inch HDD Mix Match

RAIDON iS1010 Mobile Rack- 2.5-inch HDD & 3.5-inch HDD Mix Match

RAIDON bringing forth a newest hot-swappable mobile rack, iS1010, which comes in tray-less design accommodating both 2.5-inch HDD and 3.5-inch HDD at once without securing with any screws!

iS1010 is only the size of a standard CD-Rom and fits in any 5.25-inch bay from any PC casings, it gives an advantage of storage capacity expansion and facilitates data management. For instance, takes the benefit of large capacity of cost-effective 3.5-inch HDD for data storages and runs the operating system on the 2.5-inch HDD which of course, a 2.5-inch SSD may comes in option for a better operating performance.

Even without the trays, the well-protected structure design of iS1010 ensures a well connection to the installed HDD and without any intervals possibly causing damage from vibration, other than that, the aluminium casing with cooling fan provides excellent heat dissipation keeping HDD in a well functioning temperature during operation. RAIDON iS1010 takes full usage from the space limitation also makes even easier and convenient to manage among HDD.

Features :

? 3.5-inch HDD & 2.5-inch HDD Mix Match
? Supports JBOD function
? Standard 5.25-inch CD-ROM size
? User friendly tray-less design
? Hot-swap design
? LED Indicators
? Compatible with Windows and Linux OS

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