RAIDON Introduces the MiniTANK R4-4S-SB3 USB 3.0

RAIDON Introduces the MiniTANK R4-4S-SB3 USB 3.0

RAIDON is proud to present the MiniTANK R4-4S-SB3 USB 3.0, a compact RAID 5 solution. RAIDON has re-defined conventional drive storage products by producing a fast & rugged portable storage solution with redundancy. The MiniTANK R4-4S-SB3 accommodates four 2.5-inch, (10mm height) HDD or SSD, and is equipped with the latest super fast USB 3.0 interface up to 5Gb/s. The R4-4S-SB3 built-in with hardware RAID 5 functionality protects your valuable data from drive failure.

This compact sized 10(W) x 14(D) x 7(H) MiniTANK R4-4S-SB3 features a rugged metallic casing, that is cooled by a ultra quiet ball bearing fan, that offers great heat dissipation for long term operation. The MiniTANK R4-4S-SB3 provides an excellent combination of performance with data protection, it’s the best storage solution for workstations, laptops and performance-requiring power users.

Product Features:

  1. Ultra quiet ball bearing fan
  2. Easy to change or upgrade drive modules
  3. Hardware RAID 5 onboard
  4. No software required
  5. OS independence
  6. USB 3.0 & eSATA interfaces

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