RAIDON HyBrid RunneR iH1010 Combines SDD and HDD

RAIDON HyBrid RunneR iH1010 Combines SDD and HDD

RAIDON presents the latest HyBrid RunneR, iH1010 internal storage device. It is combined the excellent speed performance of SSD and the large capacity of 3.5-inch HDD. iH1010 is not only having high speed and large capacity, but also ensuring the data security of SSD.

After iH2420, iH1010 is the second internal storage device of HyBrid RunneR. While iH1010 collocates one of 2.5-inch SSD and one of 3.5-inch HDD, it will create high speed read/write performance and the large storage capacity. Avoiding the possibilities of SSD failures, iH1010 utilizes the same volume of SSD to access instant backup or backup scheduling data. The remaining capacity other than the reserved SSD backup sectors will be partitioned into an individual volume to provide an additional storage space. The HDD capacity will be absolutely maintained.

iH1010 is coming up with hot-swappable and tray-less design accommodating both SSD or HDD at once without securing with any screws! The SSD can be taken out to the outdoor for using, which is the special function of HyBrid RunneR. While the users place SSD to the iH1010 again, the data will backup to HDD automatically. Even if the SSD is failed without any warning, the original data will backup when the users insert the new one.

iH1010 is only the size of a standard CD-Rom and fits in any 5.25-inch bay from any PC casings, it gives an advantage of storage capacity expansion and facilitates data management.

The benefits of the 3.5-inch HDD form factor iH1010:

  1. Equipped high-speed read and write data access from SSD.
  2. Real-time backup or backup scheduling for SSD data protection.
  3. Removable SSD design, after insert the original SSD back into device, the data will overwrite from SSD to HDD.
  4. When SSD failure occurs, iH1010 provides simple and effective data recovery from HDD.

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