RAIDON Delivers USB3.0 External Storage with Safety, Speed and Capacity

RAIDON Delivers USB3.0 External Storage with Safety, Speed and Capacity

RAIDON GR5630 series, the all new Super Speed USB3.0 external storage solutions performs at a theoretical speed of 10 times faster than USB2.0, and supports 4 SATA hard drives for a large capacity to relieve the space concerns of daily increased data from user.

GR5630 series comes in two models, GR5630-SB3 and GR5630-WSB3. These models accommodate 3.5-inch hard drives over 2TB each and deliver excitement to users from experiencing a conspicuous increment in performance, GR5630 series also designed with removable trays to bring convenience to data mobility and it is even easier for users proceeding with data classification and management.

In addition, GR5630 series embedded both USB3.0 and eSATA interfaces for data transfer options to eliminate possible USB upgrade hassles for users, it also offers multiple RAID levels from selection, when operate at a higher level data protection as RAID 5 may assure the store data existence from a hard drive failure and remain with the same storage capacity available. For model GR5630-WSB3 offers in RAID 5 function and has embedded 2 of additional Firewire800 interface which is a familiar connection to Mac users and to the desired demands of chain connection.

GR5630 series are equipped with 8cm ball bearing fan along with aluminum casing design, giving excellent heat dissipation to maintain a lower operating temperature during operation, it is perfectly suitable for a long period of workflow station.

Furthermore, RAIDON has also released two types of USB3.0 PCI Express Cards to both desktop and notebook users for desiring external storage expansions.

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