QNAP Confirms QDK Version 2.0.1 Availability

QNAP Confirms QDK Version 2.0.1 Availability

TAIPEI, Taiwan - QNAP today confirmed the availability of QDK (QPKG Development Kit) version 2.0.1, and encouraged Turbo NAS users to extend the capabilities by developing software packages with the easy-to-use tool.

QDK is developed by Michael Nordstrom, one of QNAP community’s active users. It is used to build QNAP QPKG files and applications for the Turbo NAS. A QPKG file makes it easy for anyone to install and remove packages. It also gives a package maintainer good control on how the package is installed on the Turbo NAS.

QNAP QPKG packages are developed and widely shared in the QNAP community.

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