QNAP Announces New Version of QBack Backup Application

QNAP Announces New Version of QBack Backup Application

TAIPEI, Taiwan - QNAP today announced a new version of QBack, the popular NAS backup application provided free to QNAP Turbo NAS customers. New Version 2.1 of QBack features an intuitive wizard interface, VSS support, external drive encryption, and backups to multiple destinations.

The newly released QBack V2.1 allows Windows users to easily back up local data to the Turbo NAS with just a few clicks in the new user-friendly wizard interface. It supports advanced volume shadow copy service (VSS) technology which ensures backup consistency by performing a snapshot before the backup. With VSS technology, users can also back up opened files without closing the applications that are accessing the files. The new QBack offers a high level of data protection by allowing users to assign a preferred size on the external drive as backup target and encrypt it using strong 256-bit AES encryption. Moreover, the backup to multiple destinations feature gives users more options to back up or restore data to or from different destinations on local and external disks, including remote destinations.

New & Enhanced features:

  • Easy backups via new wizard: provides instant backup with a few clicks;
  • Advanced VSS support: supports VSS technology, providing consistent, reliable backups by performing a snapshot before backup process. VSS also supports open-file backup, allowing users to back up opened files without closing applications that are using the files;
  • 256-bit AES disk encryption: provides strong 256-bit AES external drive encryption, protecting data from unauthorized access on external storage devices if they are lost or stolen;
  • Back up to MyCloudNAS personal cloud: supports backing up to MyCloudNAS personal cloud, FTP server, or WebDAV shared folder. Multiple backup schedules and multiple destinations are also supported.


The new QBack V2.1 is available for all QNAP Turbo NAS models immediately. To download, visit

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