PS Vita Plugs In to the Social Media Platform

PS Vita Plugs In to the Social Media Platform

More news streams out from Sony about the PS Vita, its next generation portable console. It seems now that the console will provide access to popular social media platforms. The applications will be available for free download from the PlayStation Store and for now Facebook, Twitter, Skype and FourSquare applications have been confirmed.

The PS Vita's 5-inch OLED screen would be more than adequate for social media browsing, especially taking into account the fact that most smartphone screens measure in at a slightly smaller size. But the move also casts some light on who Sony feels will be competing with the PS Vita in the market.If you ask us, a portable device with a touch screen and social media applications sounds like a tablet provides.

And seeing that games for tablets cost only a fraction of what titles on the PS Vita will cost, it seems that Sony is trying to increase the functionality of the device to make it more attractive to buyers. While on paper it seems like the right move, we will have to wait and see if the Vita can actually stop tablets from becoming the most widespread gaming platform of the future.

Source: Engadgte via Sony

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