PS Vita Not Being Released in 2011

PS Vita Not Being Released in 2011

It seems the eagerly anticipated, hing-end, dual touch screen PS Vita will not be released in 2011. It was hoped that the portable console will be in markets before the holiday season so as to make the most of the present buying frenzy that Christmas induces.

The Associated Press - Koki Shiraishi, an electronics analyst for Daiwa Securities Capital Markets in Tokyo, said missing Christmas was a serious setback, especially overseas. "That's when you do half your year's sales," he said. "This is going to prove painful for Sony."

Seeing that the Nintendo 3DS, which would be the Vita's direct rival, has not been adopted by the masses whole scale, the Vita might be missing out on the perfect time to strike. As it is Nintendo has already slashed prices on the 3DS which take effect from 12th August 2011 making it a lot cheaper than the Vita, which will cost around US$250. So the longer Sony delays, the longer the Nintendo 3DS has to establish itself in the market.

For those wanting to read through the entire Associated Press report, they can find it here.

Source: Associated Press.

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