Pricing and Availability for Samsung Galaxy Nexus Revealed

Pricing and Availability for Samsung Galaxy Nexus Revealed

With Google's and Samsung's explosive (but not quite secretive) announcements yesterday, consumers now have an extra Android smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus, to consider in their purchase and Android fanboys have the new Android 4.0 "Roboto" Ice Cream Sandwich OS to look forward to. When exactly wasn't quite made clear yesterday though, but at least we know it will be sometime in November for Japan, U.S., Europe and other parts of Asia. Well, good news for the overly anxious, more details have emerged:

GSMArena - The Galaxy Nexus will hit shelves in the United States, Norway, Japan, Canada and the UK first, starting in early to mid November. Verizon will be offering the Android 4.0 smartphone in the US, NTT DOCOMO will handle it in Japan. For the United Kingdom three carriers will offer the device - Three, Vodafone and O2 for a price range from £429 to about £515. Next, the Nexus will hit Denmark, Finland and Sweden in late November and will cost 4400 DKK ($817), €649 ($897), 5500 SEK ($831), respectively. Sadly, the Netherlands will get the device some time in December for about the same price as Denmark - €649. On the other hand, the UK retailer Clove has listed the 16GB version of the Galaxy Nexus for £514 including VAT and has been listed to arrive "early November".  

Will Singapore get to see the device in mid to late November or at the very least, early December? No official word has been given about both local pricing and availability yet, but it does look like it should cost you at least S$1028 (without a plan) to get your paws on one. 

Sources: SammyHub and CloveUK via GSMArena

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