Prices of Intel Ivy Bridge Desktop Processors Leaked

Prices of Intel Ivy Bridge Desktop Processors Leaked

CPU World has revealed the prices of Intel's next generation desktop processors codenamed Ivy Bridge. According to the information obtained by CPU World, the chipmaker has maintained similar pricing to the current Sandy Bridge CPUs.

The top-of-the-line Ivy Bridge CPU, Core i7-3770K, is replacing the current Core i7-2700K. Their prices are identical and applicable in quantities of 1K. A check with our local retailers revealed that the latter processor is available for approximately S$482. Hence, we are expecting its successor, Intel Core i7-3770K, to be similarly priced. All the Ivy Bridge Core i7 CPUs sport four cores with HyperThreading support, and have 8MB of L3 cache; which is the same as the current Core i7 processors. The odd man out is the Core i7-3770T processor which is an energy-efficient Ivy Bridge Core i7 that has no Sandy Bridge equivalent.

The rest of the processors in the list belong to the Core i5 family and they have four CPU cores with no support for HyperThreading. They also sport  6MB of L3 cache just like the 2nd generation Core i5 CPUs. The only exception to this is the dual-core Core i5-3470T that does support HyperThreading, and comes with 3 MB of L3 cache. These Ivy Bridge processors are expected to be launched some time between March and April 2012.

Source: CPU World


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