Prepare Yourselves for the Ivy Bridge Invasion

Ivy Bridge Preparing to Invade

The next step in bringing faster and better computing solutions to users is undoubtedly the introduction of the Ivy Bridge processors. After being delayed for their original first quarter release, CPU World has leaked that the first salvo of the new hardware from Intel can be expected on the 29th of April 2012. First off the production line will be the heavy hitters in the form of the new quad Core Intel i7 and Intel i5 processors, with the lower wattage mobile versions appearing on the market at a later date of 3rd June 2012. 

Obviously, the stagger poses some problems for companies looking to use the Ivy Bridge processors as part of their new lineup of products. In particular, Apple seems to have their heart set on releasing a 15-inch MacBook Air to compete with the current slew of Ultrabooks in the market, and the low-power consuming models from the Ivy Bridge seem perfect for it. At the same time though, the top of the line quad-core Ivy Bridge processors are great fits for the iMac.

This leaves Apple with two choices. They can release their new products in two batches, or wait till after June 2012 to present a consolidated line-up. Then again, they could just wait for the Thunderbolt-equipped chipsets to make their entrance as well and release their new products with Ivy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt. We wonder what Tim Cook's next move is going to be?

Source: Sweclocker and CPU World via Arstechnica

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