Possible Challenges Behind the White iPhone 4

Possible Challenges Behind the White iPhone 4

If you've been eyeing and waiting for the white iPhone 4, you would no doubt have heard the news that the white version of Apple's popular iPhone 4 has, yet again, been delayed. No date has been given for its release as Apple has only mentioned that it'll be available "later this year". No one knows for sure what's holding the white iPhone 4 up, but it is likely due to Apple's glass supplier.

Engadget - Now, a worker from Lens' quality control department has allegedly admitted that the company's screen-printing workshop may currently be dealing with some issues with the white iPhone 4 covers. Specifically, the factory's still working out the perfect combination of paint thickness and opacity -- the former to ensure the next sub-contractor has enough clearance for the digitizer overlay, and the latter for the absolute whiteness that Jony Ive and co. strive for. As we pointed out before, the prototype white covers we acquired appeared a touch darker than the iPhone 4 dock, so here's hoping that we'll see a better result when the official white phone comes out later this month.

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