Possble Windows Phone 7 Upgrades to Existing Models

Possble Windows Phone 7 Upgrades to Existing Models

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 and its guidelines for supporting devices might narrow down the choices for its hardware partners, but that's not to say that Microsoft is closing the doors upon existing devices running on Windows Mobile 6.5. So what does this mean for consumers? For one, you can cross your fingers and hope that your device will be eligible for an upgrade. But as Microsoft has said, this is up to the OEMs' decision.

Engadget - Alright, keep your socks on here, this is as noncommittal a statement as Redmond can make on the matter, but when asked directly about the likelihood and possibility of Windows Mobile 6.5 phones being transitioned to the new hotness that is Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft's Alex Reeve had this to say: "It's early days yet, and that's really for our hardware partners to think about."

Let's just say, if you really want to be safe, it's better to get devices that already fulfill the Windows Phone 7 requirement. Having a 1GHz Snapdragon processor could be a safe bet. For more information about the possible Windows Phone 7 upgrade, click here.

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