Polaroid Brings Instant Photography Back with Digital Technology

Polaroid Brings Instant Photography Back with Digital Technology

For fans of Polaroid instant cameras, fret not because Polaroid is reviving the instant camera trend with the new Z340 instant digital camera. The Z340 comes with a full-function 14MP digital camera integrated with a ZINK printer. Unlike its analog ancestors, the Polaroid Z340 is fully digital and it even allows users to customize each individual photo between snapping and printing.

Polaroid's unique ZINK printer technology uses an ink-free paper that delivers an instant 3x4" print - the exact same size as the classic Polaroid photos that we have been so familiar with for over 63 years. The new Polaroid Z340 even goes a step further for more printing options, allowing users to choose the iconic Polaroid Classic Border Logo or full bleed and contemporary 3x4'' photos.

The ZINK paper technology is an advanced composite material with cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals embedded inside. Before printing, the embedded dye crystals are clear, resembling white photo paper. The ink is activated by heat, colorizing the crystals and forming an image on the paper instantly. The Polaroid Z340 is based on ZINK's second generation technology that promises to produce vibrant and highly saturated prints, as well as smudge-proof and water resistant prints. As the ink is embedded into the paper, it does not require additional ink or ribbon cartridges. 

The Polaroid Z340 camera weighs one pound, seven ounce, and it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that prints up to 25 photos and 75 captures. A 2.7-inch LCD screen is included in the camera that allows users to preview and choose the images for printing. It also comes with simple editing built into the user interface, allowing you to crop and print what you want immediately.

The Polaroid Z340 camera is available now and will retail at US$299.99. Thirty sheets of Polaroid ZINK 3x4" paper will cost you US$19.99 (or less than 70 cents per piece).

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