PlayStation Phone Zeus Z1 Shown with Neocore Benchmark

PlayStation Phone Zeus Z1 Shown with Neocore Benchmark

Want more news about the PlayStation phone? Ask, and you shall receive. Engadget was just sent a video that demonstrated the PlayStation phone, code named Zeus Z1, running the Neocore benchmark by Qualcomm. And the results? 24.4 frames per second.

Engadget - We can't get enough of Sony Ericsson's PlayStation Phone (also known as Zeus Z1), and we're guessing neither can you. We were just sent a new video of the device in action, only now it's running Qualcomm's Neocore benchmark app. As you can see, the device managed 24.4 frames per second on average.

It is still early days, and what we are seeing on the web is, after all, a leaked prototype. Of course, Sony Ericsson is still being tight-lipped about this when we approached them for comments. Hopefully, we'll hear more news about the Zeus Z1 when Mobile World Congress comes closer in February 2011. Check out the video of the Zeus Z1 over here.

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