Pioneer's New Sound Wing Speakers Boost Aural Experience

Pioneer's New Sound Wing Speakers Boost Aural Experience

Stylish and sleek speakers delivering immersive sound acoustics with a wide listening area for the ultimate audio experience

SINGAPORE - Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre officially unveiled its brand new Sound Wing speakers featuring the unique Horizontal Vertical Transforming (HVT) technology to revolutionise your in-home audio experience.

Pioneer Sound Wing speakers come in two form factors – a multi-speaker integrated bar type and a satellite type. The speakers are a breakthrough in innovation as they produce an immersive sound experience coupled with a wide listening area, from a flat and compact design allowing it to blend easily into any interior. With both sets of speakers designed and engineered to recreate a dynamic audio performance, they are ideal for use near or around a television as part of a home cinema system or an AV Receiver package.

HVT Technology
Pioneer's HVT technology transforms horizontal movement of the voice coil into vertical movement of the diaphragm, thereby dramatically reducing speaker height as well as unwanted vibration, while achieving quality sound delivery through a sleek and slim design.

Wide Listening Area
Conventional omni-directional speakers remain dependent on listening position producing an uneven frequency balance of reflected sound. Pioneer solves this problem with the HVT double diaphragm speaker - an omni-directional speaker with an ideal dispersion pattern. The speaker has an advantage of being almost point-source with the two diaphragms placed close together and moving in phase. Sound is radiated in all directions, creating a natural sound field with a wide listening area, while eliminating unwanted vibration. The double diaphragm also allows rich bass delivery from a smaller enclosure producing an ultra wide listening area to ensure everyone in the room can enjoy the full sound experience.

Flexible Installation
The key attribute of the sleek and stylish Sound Wing speakers is that they can be placed nearly anywhere. Even if the speakers are placed close to a television set or if an object is partially blocking the direct-line-of-sight, they reproduce full fidelity sound that can be heard regardless of where the listener is in the room.

Elegantly Sleek Bar Type Speaker
Made to come in front of a flat screen panel on a cabinet or go underneath it on the wall, the bar type speaker is just 25.5 mm thick with dimensions 900 (W) x 66 (H) x 93 (D) mm even with the stand included.

Super Slim Satellite Type Speakers
Placed either horizontally or vertically, the discrete satellite speakers are incredibly compact and measures only 37 mm in thickness with total dimensions 207 (W) x 100 (H) x 100 (D) mm (base not included).

Price and Availability
Pioneer HTZ-HW919BD Blu-ray Surround System is the first to include the bar type Sound Wing speaker. The system will be available at a suggested retail price of S$1,199 at Pioneer authorised retail outlets from August 2011. Availability of the satellite type Sound Wing speakers will be announced on a later date.

Technical Specifications of HTZ-HW919BD
Functions 7 (BD, DVD/iPod/Tuner/Portable In/Optical In/Bluetooth/USB
Output Power PMPO 7000 W
RMS Front, 1kHz, 10% THD, 4 ohms 180 W/ch
Subwoofer, 100Hz, 10% THD, 4 ohms 200 W (passive)

1 x USB Memory Audio Ready
2 x HDMI Input/1 x Output with 3D
1 x Component Video Output
1 x Composite Video Output
1 x Optical Digital Input
1 x Audio Minijack Input

Power Requirements (Depends on country) 110-240 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption/Standby 85 W/0.3 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) / Weight  
Receiver unit (mm/kg) 430 x 64 x 304/3.4
Front Speaker (mm/kg) 900 x 66 x 93/1.6
Subwoofer (mm/kg) 130.5 x 420 x 375/4.4


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